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Carbon/Carbon Manufacturing

Global leaders in short-fibre C/C manufacturing. Neftec specialise in the research and production of Short-Fibre C/C. Our short-fibre C/C offers many many advantages over traditional forms of C/C. Read More

Carbon/Carbon Application Design

In house application and product designs. We work with user to design all types of fixtures and fittings that are specific to your heat-treatment and furnace application. Including specific racks, trays, TSU and or bolts. Read More

Carbon/Carbon Machining Services

Utilising state of the art machining services. Our dedicated machining facilities allow us to offer complex machined C/C products. We can handle the most basic to the most complex items. Read More

CArbon/Carbon Research

Research and design in new C/C Composite materials and products. When an application calls for a non-standard Composites we can manufacture bespoke C/C composites to suit your needs. Read More

Latest News

  • New C/C Composite Sizes Added
    December 8, 2022 / Comments Off on New C/C Composite Sizes Added / Uncategorized With the ever changing requirements for customer and their Heat-treatment needs, we have released new C/C Composite plate and sheet sizes. Not only do we have larger plates and sheets but also thicker plates on offer. The table below highlights the latest on offer. For more information please 
  • 2022 Exceptional Growth in C/C Demand
    October 26, 2022 / Comments Off on 2022 Exceptional Growth in C/C Demand / Uncategorized This year Neftec has seen exceptional grown in demand for their C/C. And Neftec isn't alone when it comes to C/C demand. All major manufacturers are seeing a similar demand increases. Looking at the industry as a whole there are several contributing factors to why there is a large increase in demand. While one of

  • Neftec Awarded I-Mono Certification from Kawaguchi City Chamber of Commerce.
    January 26, 2022 / Comments Off on Neftec Awarded I-Mono Certification from Kawaguchi City Chamber of Commerce. / Uncategorized The Kawaguchi City Chamber of Commerce has been selected for the "JAPAN Brand Project Development Support Project", which is a subsidised project of the Small and Medium Enterprise Agency since 2005 in Japan. in 2014, in addition to this Kawaguchi i-mono brand certification system, was established the "Kawaguchi i-waza brand certification system" to certify high

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