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Carbon/Carbon Manufacturing

Global leaders in short-fibre C/C manufacturing. Neftec specialise in the research and production of Short-Fibre C/C. Our C/C offers many advantages over traditional composites. Read More

Carbon/Carbon Application Design

In house application and product designs. We can design all types of fixtures and fittings for your heat-treatment and furnace application. Including specific racks, trays and or bolts. Read More

Carbon/Carbon Machining Services

Utilising state of the art machining services. Our dedicated machining facilities allow us to offer complex machined C/C products. We can handle the most basic to the most complex items. Read More

CArbon/Carbon Research

Research and design in new C/C Composite materials and products. When an application calls for a non-standard Composites we can manufacture bespoke C/C composites to suit your needs. Read More

Latest News

  • CFC Spring Washers
    July 6, 2021 / Comments Off on CFC Spring Washers / Uncategorized Neftec have recently developed CFC spring washers. This is a new project we are working on and the springs are not quite ready for production yet. But they are in their final stages of testing. Pictured is a spring washer that is Dia 31/21 x 2.5 mm, ideally suited for M20 threaded rods. The spring

  • Covid19 Update
    March 26, 2020 / Comments Off on Covid19 Update / Uncategorized Neftec Japan continues to operate as per normal during this extremely tough times. The factories in Japan continue to function but we have implemented new measures to ensure staff and customer safety. While our US and Euro sales offices now continue to function with 100% capacity but are now home based. Neftec wishes you and

  • Factory expansion
    January 7, 2020 / Comments Off on Factory expansion / Uncategorized Increasing Carbon/Carbon production capacity Over the last 24 months Neftec has seen a substantial increase in demand for the Carbon/Carbon materials and expertise. In order to meet this demand and to help continue new and existing customers we have built a second plant. The factory was completed November 2019 and is now full operational. The

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