Product Design

Product Design
Product design

With ever changing industry demands and increased pressure to produce solutions quicker. Time is a commodity that cannot be wasted. This is why we offer a full in house product design facilities

We can prototype and help produce solutions to fit your needs. Our in house design services allow for a “One Stop Shop” Saving you time and expense. We can prototype and help produce solutions to suit your applications. This can be anything from a simple bolt to a complex fixture or fan assembly.

This removes the need to source a 3rd party designer is which can prove not only to be costly but time consuming.

The benefit of using our services is we understand our material and this allows us to apply our knowledge to your designs which will not just work. Our designers work in tandem with our engineers and machinists to allow for the optimum designs to suit any given application. Coupled with Neftec’s C/C composites which offer exceptional machining qualities. We can offer a truly exceptional end product that is unique to you.

In most cases we do not charge to carry out design work for our customers. Which passes on more cost savings to our customers.

To know more about our product design please contact us. Or if you would like to see examples of our in house product design, simply follow this link.