C/C Threads

C/C Threads

CFC Threads

C/C Threads, Bolts and Rods

Neftec offers class leading C/C Threads, studs, nuts, bolts and C/C Rods for heat-treatment and Vacuum furnace market. C/C Threads are extensively used throughout the construction of; vacuum furnaces, Solar Cell manufacturing, silicon ingot growing, fixtures and fittings.

High performing C/C Threads and other C/C threaded/Non-threaded components are a key Heat-treatment industry, but often overlooked. The correct C/C Thread is vital for many heat-treatment structures and it’s important choose the correct C/C Thread to minimise failure and production downtime. For this reason, Neftec C/C threads are favoured by many leading furnace manufacturers and resellers.

Short-fibre carbon composite C/C threaded bars, bolts, nuts and plain rods offer advantages over traditional long-fibre composites and high-temperature alloys. The high density and very high inter-laminar strength allows for far greater accuracy and tolerances when machining. This gives a cleaner thread but it also regains it’s high-strength due to the low risk of de-lamination.

Neftec’s C/C threads, bolts and rods offer peace of mind to our customers, knowing our products offer exceptional reliability, quality, strength and long-life.

  • High Density
  • Wide range of nuts and washers
  • Excellent flexural strength
  • Will not warp from prolonged use
  • Available in metric and imperial sizes
  • Neftec can produce customer specific bolts
  • Low risk of de-lamination
  • Available in PC70, PC70H and PC30

CFC Threads CFC Threads CFC Threads CFC Threads

Material Grade



Bulk Density g/cm3 1.65 1.7+
Flexural Strength MPa 200 220
Compressive Strength MPa 120 200+
Interlaminar Shear Strength MPa 18-19 19+
( RT-1300C ) 10-6/C 1.3 1.3
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 10-6/C 10 10

(X/Y Axis)

W/m・K 35 35

(Z Axis)

12 12
Specific Heat 20C J/Kg・K 720 720
Electrical Resistivity μΩcm 2000 2000
Sharpy Impact Strength KJ/m2 20 20
Shore Hardness 75 75
Temperature Rating 2000°c 2000°c

Carbon/Carbon Composite Threaded Rod

Neftec Material Grade

M5 X 1000mm to M40 x 1000mm PC70/PC70H
Φ6 X 1000mm to Φ60 x 1000mm PC70/PC70H