CFC Thermal Coatings and Specialist Services

CFC Thermal Coatings and Specialist Services

CFC Thermal Coatings and specialist services RS+SH24F

Specialist CFC Thermal Coatings offer a number of benefits to CFC composites, further enhancing their performance while reducing C/C dust contamination. Surface coatings allow users to also protect their CFC applications from abrasion, allow the production to be used in non-vacuum furnaces, to increase its life, durability and in some cases to use it in even higher temperature environments.

Neftec is partnered with KoMiCo a global leader in specialists Thermal coatings for a wide range of applications. Working with KoMico we can tailor our coatings to your needs offering bespoke services. With our CFC and KoMiC’s Thermal coatings we offer ultra reliable, precisely applied and help further increase the performance of our CFC composites.

Our CFC Coatings offer many unique advantages over traditional CFC coatings. The ability for us to tailor make a CFC coating that is specific to our customers needs allows them to enhance their workflow while reducing their overall costs.  And just like our CFC composites, our coatings are performance driven.

Coatings with uses

We can offer the following CFC coatings and services:

  • AL2O3
  • Yttria
  • UC
  • Si
  • Ceramic
  • SH13c, SH24f, SH38c
  • Ful RS bespoke coating – Enhances existing CFC coatings
  • Resin Impregnation

To learn more about our coatings please download our CFC Coating Data sheet

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