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CFC Insulation Protection.

IC50 is CFC Insulation protection. It is specially designed for the protection of insulation and furnace lining.

This material is semi-flexiable and allow a certain degree of bending. Primarily designed for high-temperature furnaces that require insulation protection and heat-shields. IC50 is an ideal direct replacement to other CFC insulation protection materials.

Derived from PC70, IC50 retains some of the features. It is lightweight, has good strength, and low cost with the guaranteed Neftec quality. And even though it is designed as an insulation protection it offers enough diversity to be used in other applications.

IC50 is a budget friendly CFC that offers great savings for the user. To find out more and to request samples please contact us.


CFC Insulation protection

CFC Insulation protection

Grade name: IC50

Sizes available:

2000 x 1000mm or 1500 x 1000.


Varies between 0.6 – 0.8mm to 5mm.


1.5 g/cm3

Bending Radius:

Dependent on dimensions