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CFC Insulation Protection.

Our latest material grade, IC50 is CFC Insulation protection. It is specially designed for the protection of insulation and furnace lining. Our flexible range of C/C composite sheets will be ideal for high-temperature furnaces that require insulation protection and heat-shields.

It would be typically used in the construction of new vacuum furnace or the repair of existing furnaces. IC50 is an ideal direct replacement to other CFC insulation protection materials.  It’s lightweight, strength,low cost and trusted Neftec quality make in an excellent alternative.

The material which is based on our short-fibre composites will be light and very easy to handle. The flexibility will mean it can easily bend into desired diameters.


CFC Insulation protection

CFC Insulation protection

Grade name: IC50

Sizes available:

2000 x 1000mm


Varies between 0.6 to 0.8mm


1.5 g/cm3

Bending Radius:

Dependent on dimensions

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