CFC Fixtures – NefGrid and Custom

CFC Fixtures – NefGrid and Custom

Neftec CFC Fixture – Overview

CFC fixtures provide many advantages over traditional materials used for fixtures that are used in Vacuum and high-temperature furnaces. For example these include High-temp alloys, metals and graphite. Switching to a CFC fixtures allow users to increase productivity, output and reduced downtime due to how robust CFC materials are.

CFC fixtures offer large reduction in weight and overall mass contribute to reduced heat-cycle times(time it takes a fixture to reach optimum temperature) which helps reduce running costs to furnace users and production output. And because CFC fixtures are far stronger than alloys and Graphite you can reduce the physical size while increasing the work area on the fixture. Thus improving production output.

CFC Fixture advantages

  • Durability

Unlike metal fixtures which suffer from warping and cracking over

CFC Fixtures

prolonged use. CFC fixtures remain very stable due to their high resistance to thermal shock. A durable fixture means less maintenance and down time. Thus helping improve productivity, reduce costs and downtime. On average a CFC fixture in a vacuum furnace with no oxygen present can last several years.

  • Light weight

Compared to metal CFC composites can be typically 1/5th of the weight. This allows for lighter CFC fixtures to be produced. The reduction in weight doesn’t mean a sacrifice in strength, in fact CFC is far stronger in high-temperature environments when compared to metals. Because the fixtures are lighter, they use less material. Less material means you can build a fixture with more shelving. The bonus of this is you can increase your output capacity on the products you heat-treat.

  • Cost savings

Investing in CFC fixtures is a key way to reducing Vacuum furnace operators long-term running costs. Durability, low maintenance and excellent thermal conductivity are key performance areas that help reduce overall running costs. Materials with excellent thermal conductivity properties allow for faster heating and cooling times. This means operators can reduce their energy consumption and reducing their overheads.

Neftec – Custom design

Neftec offers bespoke fixtures, designed specifically to your requirements. With our extensive experience and in-house designers we can offer you and your heat-treatment needs the ideal solutions. This can include anything from a replacement grid to work with existing fixtures or a full multi-tier solution.

CFC Fixtures CFC FixturesCFC FixturesCFC FixturesCFC Fixtures

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NefGrid – Dynamic design 

Neftec Short-fibre CFC composites (PC70) allows for unrestricted design and flexibility. Short-fibre composite grids offer a distinct advantage over long-fibre composites, graphites and alloy grids. The structure and strength of short-fibre CFC means we can machine our grids from solid plates without sacrificing strength. This is something that cannot usually be done with long-fibre fixtures without strength being compromised.

The ability and flexibility of being able to machine from solid plates provides Neftec with the ability to produce a variety of different sizes and shapes for our grids. We are not constrained to one fixed size which can limit a customers ability to use a CFC fixture. This is especially true when an application requires unique attributes.

CFC Grid over view:

  • Standard grid sizes available in thicknesses up to 30MM
  • Custom grid sizes available in thicknesses up to 30MM
  • Standard cut outs, either 50 x 50mm Square or 50OD round
  • Custom cut outs, either square, round or drilled to customers specifications
  • A 2 tier 610 x 915 x 10mm Grid can support 100kg with only 0.1mm deflection

Standard grid sizes:

  • 610 x 915
  • 1000 x 1000
  • 1200 x 1200
  • 1000 x 1500

(Sizes in mm)

NefGrid Modular Posts

Neftec uses a unique post system that is developed to allow easy assembly of fixture units while creating a secure and sturdy structure. The design of our posts allows the grids to be stacked at various heights that suit the customers needs, the design also means it can be easily dismantled and stored when the fixture isn’t in use.

CFC FixturesThe post are designed for the grids to be stacked and slotted on top of the post. This gives excellent grid support, while providing a secure structure that is very easy to assemble. Our posts are also simplified in the way they connect, this gives us more freedom with design a bespoke post for customers while also reducing costs. To further reduce costs we offer our posts in graphite, but where needed we can offer them in C/C Composite as well.

Our patent pending post system offers our users the following features:

  • Infinite post height adjustment
  • Available in Graphite or C/C Composite
  • Easy assembly and disassembly CFC Fixture system
  • Custom post heights at no extra charge
  • Strong and secure fitting, creating a stable fixture
  • A unique graphite 4 post corner support or 4 corner and edge support

CFC FixturesCFC Fixtures

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