CFC Composites For Renewable And Electronics

CFC Composites For Renewable And Electronics


CFC Composites for Renewable

Technical Data – Key Points – CFC Sizes

CFC Composites for Renewable energy sectors and electronic

production are ideal for manufacturerswho are looking for a more advanced alternative to traditional materials typically used. Graphites are commonly used in these areas. But they bulky, heavy and fragile. This could contribute to a risk of downtime due to the higher risk of failure, while limiting your overall production capacity. 

Switching to Neftec CFC Composites can aid the increase in productivity, reduce downtime, longer service life while reducing your overall peosuction costs.

Typically you will find our CFC used for a broad range of industries these include PECVD, HJT, EV Cell, CVD, silicon mono-crystal and LCD screen production.  

An area Neftec has a strong connection with is for Polysilicon production. We have been supplying CFC rods, crucible reinforcement parts, molten silicon sealin, Heat-Shields and Heater-plates. They are trusted due to their exceptional durability, life-span and quality.

Today you will find Neftec CFC Composites For Renewable energies are widely used in the production of silicon monocrystals and we offer a list of applications suited for silicon monocrystal production. These include; susceptors for CVD equipment and CFC Boats and carrier plates, these trays are light and well suited for the PECVD process during Solar Cell production.

Contact us today to find out how Neftec can help you and your Photovoltaic production needs.

CFC Composites For Renewable

Key Points

  • High Inter-laminar strength
  • Exceptional machining characteristics, ideal for complex shapes and components
  • Retain strengths throughout continuous heat cycles
  • Excellent durability
  • Extremely long service intervals, decreasing downtime of furnaces.
  • Lower costs
  • High Density
  • Short manufacturing and lead times

Neftec CFC Composite Properties

Standard Plate and Sheet sizes

Standard Threaded rod sizes

*The above technical data are typical measured values and are not guaranteed

**Further sizes are available. To find out more on how Neftec Carbon Composites are the ideal solution for your Heat-Treatment needs please contact us for further information.

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