Now stocking 60MM and 75MM CFC plates

Now stocking 60MM and 75MM CFC plates
May 20, 2016 Comments Off on Now stocking 60MM and 75MM CFC plates featured news Gavin Dunphy

We are now stocking plates that are 60mm and 75mm thick. We’re are proud to be the only manufacturer who offers short-fibre CFC composites in these thicknesses.

The larger thicknesses opens huge amount of possibilities to our customer. Complex shapes that were normally reserved for Graphite or 3D composites can now been machined from our Short-fibre CFC Composites.  Both Graphite and 3D CFC composites are great but have their short-falls. Graphite cannot compete on strength with our short-fibre, while 3D composites are hugely expensive and out of reach for most users who just require a general purpose CFC Composite, plus with our increased material developments in Inter-laminar strength, we are comparable to some 3D Composites in terms of strength.

The 75mm composites plates will be available in 2200 x 500 x 75, at the present time these are reserved for CFC Composite rollers. 60mm plates will be available in 1000 x 500 x 60. These are stock plates and can be dispatched at a moments notice.

In the near future we will see an increase in sizes, with our goal being 100mm thick plates by the end of the year.


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