CFC Composites for Heat-Treatment

CFC Composites for Heat-Treatment



CFC Composites for Heat-Treatment

Technical Data – Key Points – CFC Stock Sizes


The Heat-Treatment industry to provide ultimate efficiency, they require a minimum amount of  cfc composites downtime while maximising their output. While being as cost effective as possible. And key part of this success is within the high temperature materials used for Heat-Treatment and Vacuum furnace operations. And for these reasons alone, it is vital to choose the right CFC Composites.

Our CFC Composite materials and their unique properties offer exceptional advantages. These include; high inter-laminar strength, density, light-weight and high mechanical strength. Neftec’s CFC Composites offer the ideal solutions for high-temperature and heat-treatment environments, such as vacuum furnaces, Continuous casting, Sintering, hot Presses, and brazing.

Neftec CFC is suited and supports a wide array of heat-treatment industries and ideal for growth industries such as automotive and aerospace.

CFC Composites

CFC Composites – Key Points:

  • Ideal for machining into complex shapes and components
  • Retains strength throughout continuous heat cycles
  • Excellent Thermal conductivity and low thermal expansion
  • Extremely long service intervals, decreasing downtime of furnaces 
  • Excellent durability properties
  • Lower costs allowing reduced customer overheads
  • High Density and ILS
  • Shorter production times


  • CFC Furnace linings
  • CFC Sleeves
  • CFC Fans
  • CFC Nuts, bolts, rods, threaded bars
  • CFC Fixtures
  • CFC Brazing jigs
  • CFC Crucibles
  • CFC Temperature Survey Units
  • CFC Grids and trays

CFC Composites CFC Composites

Neftec CFC Composite Data 

Standard Plate and Sheet sizes


Standard Threaded rod sizes

*The above technical data are typical measured values and are not guaranteed

**Further sizes are available. To find out more on how Neftec Carbon Composites are the ideal solution for your Heat-Treatment needs please contact us for further information.

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