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Bespoke CFC Composites.

High function CC Composites materials

Bespoke CFC Composites

Whether it be Robotics used in Glassware, Magnet production, medical furnaces or sealing valves used in Oil and Gas industries. Our expertise allows us to produce and supply materials that suited to our customers specific industry requirements.

Sometimes a stock CFC Composites will not be adequate for very specific application which is why users need to consider a bespoke CFC composite. At Neftec we are able to design and manufacture Bespoke CFC Composites which are unique to our customers specific requirements. Bespoke composites can range from non-standard sheets and plates to changes in the technical aspects of the composite itself. This can include higher density, electrical resistivity or even ash content. 

Due to our unique ability to be able to quickly alter the properties of our CFC composites with ease. We are able to produce a bespoke CFC composite efficiently and competitively.  Our engineers will work with you and Neftec will help develop a CFC Composites materials and product that is specific to you. Allowing your business to overcome obstacles that you once had with your existing methods and ultimately allowing you to grow. Key points:

  • Exceptionally high inter-laminar strength
  • Can quickly increase the density of our composites
  • Retains strength throughout continuous heat cycles
  • Reduced costs and overheads
  • Fast lead-times.

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Neftec CFC Composite Properties 


Material Grade



Bulk Density g/cm3 1.7 1.7+
Flexural Strength MPa 200 210
Inter-laminar Shear Strength (ILSS) MPa 18 19+
Compressive Strength MPa 120 200+
Young’s Modulus GPa 45 TBA
Tensile Strength MPa 120 150
( RT-1300C ) 10-6/C 1.3 TBA
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 10-6/C 10 TBA
Thermal Conductivity W/m・K 35 TBA
12 TBA
Specific Heat 20C J/Kg・K 720 TBA
Electrical Resistivity μΩcm 2000 2500
Sharpy Impact Strength KJ/m2 20  TBA
Shore Hardness 75  TBA
Temperature Rating  2000°c  2000°c


Material Grade



Bulk Density g/cm3 1.5 1.6
Flexural Strength MPa 100 100
Inter-laminar Shear Strength (ILSS) MPa 10 11
Compressive Strength MPa 100 TBA
Young’s Modulus GPa 55 65
Tensile Strength MPa 100 200
( RT-1300C ) 10-6/C 1.1 1.1
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion 10-6/C 19 9
Thermal Conductivity W/m・K 32 33
10 10
Specific Heat 20C J/Kg・K TBA  TBA
Electrical Resistivity μΩcm NA 2800
Charpy Impact Strength KJ/m2  TBA  TBA
Temperature Rating  Celcius  2000°c  2000°c
Please note, data is taken from several batches to provide an average value and as such values are not guaranteed.

Standard sizes available 

Carbon/Carbon Composite Size and Grade

Neftec Material Grade

Notes and uses
1000 X 1000 or 2000 x 1000 –  0.6/0.8T to 5T WL60, IC50 Long-fibre and Hybrid short-fibre, furnace insulation
1000 X 1000 x 1.2T to 30T PC70/PC70H Machined, structural items – All furnace applications
1120 X 1120 x 1.2T to 30T PC70/PC70H Machined, structural items – All furnace applications
1250 x 1250 x 1.5T to 20T PC70/PC70H Machined, structural items – All furnace applications
1000 X 2000 x 0.6T to 30T PC70 Shelfs, linings, Fixtures, base trays, PECVD  carriers
1000 x 500 x 130T PC70 Machined and structural items
2500 x 420 x 130T * PC70 CFC Rollers
1500 x 420 x 60T * PC70 Machined items, heating elements


Carbon/Carbon Composite Threaded Rod

Neftec Material Grade

M4 X 1000mm to M50 x 1000mm PC70
Φ4 X 1000mm to Φ50 x 1000mm PC70

*The above technical data are typical measured values and are not guaranteed.

**Further bespoke sizes are available. To find out more on how Neftec Carbon Composites are the ideal solution for your Heat-Treatment needs please contact us for further information.