C/C Applications

C/C Applications

C/C Products

C/C Applications 

Modern industries working with high-temperature applications are constantly changing and adapting to suit the trends of their markets. And this makes it vital that these industries use a supplier with adaptable C/C technology.  The right C/C applications will help drive those industries top be more productive and economical.

Neftec’s goal is to help our customers to work as efficiently as possible. And we can do this by offering a broad range of C/C applications, these suit all major industries that work in the heat-treatment, electronics, renewables, and aerospace sectors. 

And to meet the demands of these industries it is vital to have an adaptable C/C Composite that can suit a wide range of C/C applications. Our C/C Composites offer high inter-laminar strength, high density, superior heat resistance and short lead times. These qualities are the answers to the needs of many modern industries that demand the very best C/C Applications with minimum delay. 

Our continued efforts to push the technological boundaries of our materials allows Neftec to offer a multi-functional C/C Composite and products that is suited for vast array of customers and specialist fields.  You will find Neftec C/C Composite products used globally and this includes; Energy generation, including Photovoltaic manufacturing to high-temperature vacuum furnaces for heat-treatment as well as aerospace and automotive friction applications.

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C/C Composites for Heat Treatment industries

C/C Composites for Photovoltaic And Renewable Industries 

C/C Composites for friction 

C/C Products


Bespoke C/C Composites and Specialist industries