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C/C Products

C/C Applications 

At Neftec we use cutting edge to technology to manufacture our C/C Composite materials. Developed by and unique to Neftec, the ‘PM Method’ offers, high inter-laminar strength, high density, superior heat resistance and shorter lead times.  These qualities answers the needs to many modern industries that demand the very best C/C Applications 

Our continued efforts to push the technological boundaries of our materials allows us to offer a multi-functional C/C Composite Products that is suited for vast array of customers and specialist fields.  You will find Neftec C/C Composite products in many modern industries, from Energy generation, including Photovoltaic manufacturing to high-temperature furnaces for heat-treatment as well as aerospace and automotive friction applications.

C/C Composites for High Temperature

C/C Composites for Photovoltaic

C/C Composites for Friction

    • C/C Products

Bespoke High-Tech C/C Composites

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