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Carbon Carbon Company. Your Next Generation Materials Partner

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Carbon Carbon Company – Neftec Corporation

History – Our commitment

The Neftec Corporation, Carbon-Carbon Company are a Japanese manufacturer of advanced Short-Fibre Carbon/Carbon Composites. 

We have a long-standing history in the development of Carbon/Carbon (CFC) Composites. Our experience and advancement in technological production methods allow us to offer the very best Carbon/carbon Composites for today’s modern industrial markets.

Neftec specialises in Carbon/Carbon composites only, we do not produce any other forms of carbon product. As such this allows us to be purely dedicated to the production and manufacture of C/C Composite. This is partly the reason as to why we can develop and produce composites quickly and at a competitive level. 

Neftec have developed their own advanced manufacturing techniques called PM and strategically invested into state of the art production facilities. Our technology is unique to the Neftec Corporation and it allows us to constantly develop and adapt our Carbon/Carbon Composites to any given situation. This allows us to be one step ahead predict the correct solution for our customers. 

Our technology allows us to produce a variety of C/C Composites that offer class leading standards. Including superior strength, quality and excellent machining capabilities.

We have built up an extensive portfolio of the highest quality C/C materials and products. Our continued efforts to push the technological boundaries of Carbon/Carbon allows us to offer a multi-functional product that is suited for vast array of industries and specialist fields.

Today you will find Neftec Carbon/Carbon Composites in an extensive range of traditional and modern industries, from Energy generation, including PV to high-temperature industrial furnaces for heat-treatment, along with aerospace, and automotive friction applications.


Neftec has over 30 years of experience dedicated to Carbon/Carbon Composite research, development and manufacturing. The president and chief engineer of the Neftec Corporation, Mr Takao Nakagawa. Mr Takao Nakagawa original started working with CFC Composites in the early 1980s at Tokyo University, he then moved into the oil and gas industry which led to the early development of random weave short fibre CFC. The material was first adapted to actually being used as a friction material for Motorsport, clutch and brake applications. The motorsport industry required a friction material that could be machined into complex shapes that would retain high inter-laminar strength and at the same time offer a low wear rate, while being exceptionally light.

It was soon discovered in the mid 1990s his random-weave short-fibre would be the ideal material to be used in high-temperature environments, especially ones that operated in a vacuum. From here on, Mr Nakagawa continued to develop this composite as being one of the ultimate materials for high temperature industrial applications.

From the very start Neftec has been founded on the principles of innovation and technical advancements.

Today Neftec uses the most advanced technology of C/C Production, developed by Mr Takao Nakagawa. The production method called ‘PM’ means they can move away from traditional time consuming forms of C/C Composite manufacturing. The technology gives us flexible with our C/C development, while increasing the quality and strength of our Carbon composites. This has allowed us to quickly become one of the leading Carbon/Carbon Composites on the market.

Our commitment

At Neftec we are committed to progression and customer service.  We strive upon pushing the boundaries in both customer satisfaction and the development of our Carbon Composites, in order to help better various industries and markets around the globe.

Neftec – Your Next Generation Material Partner.