C/C Springs

C/C Springs
C/C Springs

C/C Composite Springs are very useful for vacuum Brazing jig applications. A C/C springs allows for increased force to be added to on a jig assembly during the heat-treatment stage. C/C Springs

There are a number of positive reasons to switch from a traditional metal Brazing jig to a C/C jig and spring setup.

C/C Brazing jigs that utilise a C/C Springs allow you to remove a lot of dead weight that is traditionally used in a Brazing jig. A dead weight is used to apply pressure during the brazing cycle. The overall weight reduction has huge benefits to Heat-treatment operators and production output. By reducing the weight you can increase the number of jigs per cycle thus increasing your output.

Our springs also allow for increased force to be added during the brazing cycle. The force is equally distributed and provides better control across the entire product being brazed. (Heat exchanged, oil coolers for example) Because the force is better controlled than just using the brute force of a dead weight. You find that the brazing results are a very good when compared to a traditional jig setup.

C/C Springs

C/C Spring overview
  • Reducing energy consumption due to the reduced mass
  • Stock sizes or custom designed. Your spring and jig will be specifically designed for your needs
  • Sizes; OD 30 or 50mm, with an ID of 22mm
  • length; 40L mm or custom requirements
  • More units per Brazing cycle due to the reduced sizes of the C/C Composite vacuum Brazing Jig
  • Better brazing results
  • No thermal deformation

For further information on our C/C Springs and for your free sample, please contact us.