C/C Heater Elements

C/C Heater Elements

PC70 and PC30 Heater Elements

C/C Heater elements need to be stable and consistent providing allow for accurate planning for heating profiles in high-temperature furnaces.

The use of C/C heater elements has many advantages over graphites. And coupled with the unique properties of Neftec’s Short-fibre composites. This further enhances the capabilities of Neftec’s C/C heating elements.

The PC series of C/C composites allows for some very complex shapes to be machined. This gives the furnace operators far more capabilities and scope with heater design. C/C Heating elements are non-brittle in nature, they can be made thinner, made longer while not sacrificing any structural integrity. Being able to have thinner heating elements saves space within the furnace. Allowing furnace operators to maximise the working volume to optimum efficiency.

C/C also offers high electrical loading capacity and high resistance to thermal shock which is natural in C/C .

Neftec can design your heating elements and provide all the necessary information in order to provide the best heating elements for you.

To find out more please contact us. Or if would like see more heating elements please visit our customer finished product page.

C/C Heater Elements
Material GradePC70PC30
Bulk Densityg/cm31.71.7
Flexural StrengthMPa200200
Inter-laminar Shear Strength (ILSS)MPa17-1817
Compressive StrengthMPa120100
Young’s ModulusGPa4555
Tensile StrengthMPa120110
( RT-1300C )1.31.1
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion1010.5
Thermal Conductivity3575
Specific Heat20C720720
Electrical ResistivityμΩcm20001000
Sharpy Impact StrengthKJ/m22020
Shore Hardness75 75
Temperature Rating°c 2000°c 2400°c