2022 Exceptional Growth in C/C Demand

2022 Exceptional Growth in C/C Demand
October 26, 2022 Comments Off on 2022 Exceptional Growth in C/C Demand Uncategorized Gavin Dunphy

This year Neftec has seen exceptional grown in demand for their C/C. And Neftec isn’t alone when it comes to C/C demand. All major manufacturers are seeing a similar demand increases.

Looking at the industry as a whole there are several contributing factors to why there is a large increase in demand. While one of the obvious reasons for demand is the global markets emergence out of Covid. And all industries are desperately trying to get back up to speed with production output. While this is having a significant impact. There are others, these being somewhat positive for all.

We would suggest that the latest surge in demand is due end users now seriously looking at ways to reduce their energy consumption costs which will a big impact on Heat-treatment industries’s baseline costs. With the global cost of energy on the rise it is even more important to find ways to reduce energy consumption. Not only does this help keep costs down for production and ultimately for the end user. It also has an effect on the environment, if you can reduce your energy consumption you’re having a positive impact on the reduction of your Co2 footprint.

And this leads onto why C/C manufacturers are seeing an upsurge in demand. Traditional high temperature alloy and cast fixtures are not thermally efficient. They require time to come up to operating temperature, this means there is a lot higher energy consumption. This is the opposite with C/C Composites, they extremely thermally efficient by reaching up to operating temperature very quickly thus using less energy and keeping your overal energy consumption and costs down.

These benefits plus many others are what Neftec has been explaining to users for years and now it seems many are realising they need to quickly adapt their heat-treatment operations and embrace C/C Composites for the future.

How does the increase demand effect me?

What does this mean as a whole? For Neftec is great as we have been able to introduce our products to new users. But the knock on effect is the increased demand has effected our delivery times with significant impacts on certain sizes. (All sheets between 1.2 to 4mm) While we continue to grow with new factories being opened in Japan. We foresee the next 6 months having longer than normal delays for certain sizes.

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